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Villas 2015


The brand new “Villas 2015” presents the “delectable” side of architecture, through a series of recent, luxurious residences.

The most interesting examples of large-scale houses by renowned architectural practices around the world are presented in the international bookazine “Villas”.

Villas of unique design and aesthetic value are highlighted in the luxurious print edition; from the Mediterranean coasts of Spain to Greece, Cyprus and Israel, and from the Hollywood Hills of the American West Coast to Bahrain.  “Villas” represents contemporary exterior and interior design trends achieved through presentations of upscale residences, where modern aesthetic taste and technological innovation are combined within the frame of a beautiful city life.

Villas 2015 is available in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, the UK, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, India, China and Taiwan. 

Print Edition :
Price : €15.00
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