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The heart of Greece’s hotel industry will beat on 25-27 November at the Athens Metropolitan Expo, during the Xenia 2017 exhibition which be established as the reference point for Greece’s Tourism Industry, regaining its prestige and the institutional role it deserves.
All leading companies of the hospitality industry will be present at Xenia 2017 whose main categories of exhibits will be: Construction - Decoration - Energy - Automation, Hotel equipment, Machinery and kitchen equipment, Food & Beverage, Hotel marketing, Digital technology. Via specialised parallel events by Digi Hotels, Build Hotel and Future Hotel sectors (seminars, master classes, open talks, case studies), the renewed expo will form a substantial innovation and development platform for the hospitality industry.
Xenia 2017, organized by Forum SA, is under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, Greek Tourism Confederation, Hellenic Hotel Federation and the Athens - Attica & Argosaronic Hotel Association.

Xenia Build Hotel
The most important projects of Greek Hotels, realized during the last years, will be presented in the form of case studies at the Build Hotel stage, in Hall 4. 

The Marriott Group’s chain of hotels, Moxy Hotels, will be introduced to the Greek public for the first time, on the occasion of the first Moxy hotel opening in Greece, shifting the landscape for modern travelers and their needs.

The renown interior designer Maria Katsarou Vafiadis, known for her contributions to the design of major hotels such as Costa Navarino, Electra Palace and Makedonia Palace will present her work as a Keynote speaker, illustrating her point that guests experience luxury in their hotel environments not only because of brand but due to a genuine sense of place which engages and gives meaning during and beyond the hotel stay.
Also, the architect Marios Angelopoulos from Archiplus Architects and Associates, will present the Amanzoe, while the brand-new hotel complex Stella Island will be presented by architect Stavros Peppas.

During the Xenia Build Hotel, ighting designers will also be called upon to speak from the companies Artemide, Bright Special Lighting, Viokef, Gallis Lighting, Petridis Lighting and Gravanis (L+DG). The subject of the discussions will be the latest trends in the architectural lighting of hotels and how the elements of a hotel unit are highlighted with the appropriate lighting.

Companies specializing in hotel upgrading will be central at Xenia Build Hotel, with the purpose of informing hoteliers about their services and how they can utilize their experience for improving the quality of their hotels.

Lastly, Vangelis Stergiou from AACE (Advanced Construction Engineering SA) and Elias Bratopoulos from B-group Architects, will present an advanced technology, special concept hotel room, which includes all the high-end solutions that fascinate the modern traveler.

The event will be curated and coordinated by the architectural magazine EK. With its many years of experience in matters of architecture, building and design, EK Magazine can provide hoteliers with reliable solutions and suggestions for improving their business.

Read the 3-day detailed program: here 

ek magazine is communications sponsor and strategic partner to the event

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