Uk sofa
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The Uk sofa is inspired by the famous Chesterfield sofa of the distinctive deep buttoned, quilted leather leather upholstery and low base seat, allegedly designed in the UK in the early eighteenth century. Bessa redesigned this icon of the world design and created a unique chesterfield.
The Uk Sofa appears to be levitating. This refreshing look comes from the exquisite brass tube foot. The velvet adds a touch of excellence by accentuating the bright color with moving lights. The originality of the Uk sofa is in the innovative details of the materials – with dimensions W 242cm, H 81cm and D 103cm 
- while remaining familiar to the original design. 
Note: All Bessa pieces can be customized, upon request.

Design by: Bessa 
Photos by: Bessa

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