Exhibition Stand
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The design of the exhibition stand by Barault Architects for BrauBeviale expo in Nuremberg, Germany aimed to communicate the three fundamental values of the client, a global leader in its field. Namely, innovation, breakthrough technologies and sustainability. By deploying three interwinding free-form elements, a product organizing system is consolidated in the 100m2 surface area exhibition stand. Their structural role is dual, both as beams and supporting columns. A clear zoning emerges as the different brands and technologies are placed following the axes of the overhanging elements. The fluidity of the elements combined with the hanging banner becomes a point of interest on its own. The grey and white tones dominate the color palette, thus creating the perfect background for the multicolored and branded products to stand out. The vivid blue color as a secondary player, referring to the company logo, attracts the visitor towards the info desk.

Design by: Barault Architects Louis Barault, Anastasia Choli
Photos by: Barault Architects

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