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Muji, the renowned Japanese furniture, clothing and homeware company is linked with clean, simple design lines. Ιn 2014 it developed a series of prefab residences - MUJI HOUSE- for the city.
Following a research showing how 8.2 million old apartments lay unoccupied in Japan, the company reached the result that there is an emerging trend of reshaping and adapting such spaces to new ways of living, as inclusive and compact as possible.
This spatial compression, according to the company, may be also used for prefab, country homes for temporal use by city dwellers wishing to be close to nature.
For this reason, three renowned designers, Jasper Morrison, Naoto Fukasawa and Konstantin Grcic, were called to develop small, minimalistic homes-huts, with a bioclimatic design and elements from Japanese vernacular architecture, which, for now, remain prototypes and were revealed in the 'Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2015' event.
The main building materials are cork, aluminium and wood, while each hut has different dimensions and spaces.
The cork hut is designed by Jasper Morrison as a small home containing all that is needed for a short stay, with minute kitchen, dining, bath and sleeping areas. The similarly developed second, wooden hut is by Naoto Fukasawa and gives the feeling that one could slip into nature anytime, while the third, and smallest of the three, aluminium hut designed by Konstantin Grcic, resembles a capsule.
The huts are designed as products rather than unique prototypes, with the aim to be placed anywhere they are wanted, by any anyone who has the wish for a small place in the country.

Design by: MUJI HUT PROJECT, Jasper Morrison, Naoto Fukasawa, Konstantin Grcic
Photos by: Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd.

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