Corten house
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The two storey house of 580m² at first appears like a concrete and perforated steel fortress. A second glance reveals how the external weathered COR-TEN steel structure defines the building’s border, regulates the amount of sunlight penetrating its spaces and creates a controlled, visual dialogue between inside and outside, aided by the glass internal walls around the semi open central courtyard.
The exposed large, almost monastic concrete walls become the canvas for shadows to paint upon, repeating geometric shapes that stretch the length of the wall, creating unique blends of colour and depth and enhancing the spatial experience. The projected shadows result from the building’s external structure’s early planning related to the sunlight angle on the 1000m² plot.
The entrance at ground level opens through a cloakroom with hidden WC into a double height, open plan communal living space containing the formal sitting and dining areas, a study and a kitchen and smaller dining area; these enclose a rectangular, semi-open courtyard through which it enjoys views to the linear swimming pool and the gardens. A lift and a staircase behind an atrium, lead to the first floor and a guest bedroom with en-suite bathroom. A library along the overhead gallery oversees the communal space. The isolated master bedroom suite contains a very large walk-in wardrobe and bathroom. The basement contains auxiliary spaces, a guest room and a sitting room by the atrium.
Raw materials are chosen for the building’s construction: concrete, weathered steel and wood; the weathered steel takes on a bright orange colour during the day and towards evening, appears almost black.  
A symbolical still cactus garden enhances the dry atmosphere and the silence.

Design team: Pitsou Kedem Architects Pitsou Kedem, Irene Goldberg, Hila Sella
Photos by: Amit Geron
Styling for photography: Eti Buskila and Irene Goldberg

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