5 Houses at Parnassus
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On a steep plot on Mount Parnassus, inside a natural stream bed, 5 autonomous residences are designed with a symbolic relation between the architecture and the fir-covered landscape. Each building’s layout follows a conceptual axis starting from the plot to the view of Livadi. The ground ‘rises’ towards the view, forming a mono-pitched roof that covers the functions of each building.
An effort to maintain local cultural root values is apparent through a re-design of vernacular forms.
Each house is three-storey high, with a mono-pitched roof covered in green asphalt tiles, to harmonise with the landscape. The lower level contains the bedrooms, bathroom and sauna. The middle level houses the living area and a kitchen while the third upper level comprises an open plan bedroom. The layout focuses on unobstructed views from every corner of the interior via large openings, also allowing the formation of large, private gardens for outdoors activities.
The construction is a combination of wood and concrete. Walls are in reinforced concrete. Two central posts in composite wood support the roof and the third level, also in composite wood. Externally, the lower level is clad in rectangular, raw surface local stone. Chestnut weathered planks clad the three visible elevations of the second and third level. The northern elevation has no openings, allowing for privacy and protection from the winds and is also clad in local stone. The last level is glazed throughout, offering unique views to the fir tree tops. External casings are in renewable, weather-proof double mass Swedish timber. Floors are laid with waxed chestnut planks.
A protected environment within the residences is achieved during bad weather; When the weather is mild, nature and light permeate all levels of the interior.

Design by: Roula Kotsilati & Vangelis Hatzis 
Photos by: Dimitris Benetos

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