Three houses in Kechria, Skiathos
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The natural landscape led to the basic architectural solution of the complex, partitioning it in individual volumes that follow the steep incline of the ground, in a linear layout parallel to the views towards the sea.
These volumes at a distance between them form internal courtyards and terraces, intermediate areas that constitute the heart of each residence. With the use of stone walls to the northern side, where the entrance to the houses is located, the complex appears unified and closed, while the southern side opens out towards the views, with the intermediate areas creating covered terraces and patios at various levels, highlighting the continuity between inwards and outwards.
A continuity as functional as it is visual, that extends each house beyond its borders.
The main materials are stone derived from the excavation works, wood and light metal constructions.
Metal connectors and large glass openings are in contrast to the robust stone walls, highlighting the composition and adding a sense of lightness.

Design by: hhharchitects Nikitas Hatzimichalis, Ioanna Holeva
Photos by: Nikos Daniilidis

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